“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

If you desire to do something different to elevate your family finances then you have come to the right place! - Bibi Apampa

Top Motivational Speaker, No1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Wealth Strategist  & High Performance Business Coach  

My name is Bibi Apampa, Author of "Growing Family Wealth" and I have dedicated both my personal and professional life to helping others realize their full potential so that they can achieve their dreams and goals. Regardless of the area of your life you are hoping to improve—the method in which you achieve success is the same 

My mission is to share with others what I have learnt about creating your dreams with multiple streams of income, being financially empowered while making a difference in the lives of people, community and nations. 

  Dreaming of a better life is one thing, but taking the action to achieve your dream is something else altogether  With many years experience as an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Personal Transformation Expert, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author I have learned invaluable insight over the years when it comes to achieving greater levels of personal, financial and professional success—and in most cases you are what is holding you back from achieving your success or the life you have been dreaming of.  

Don’t be discouraged though because the solution is easier than you may imagine! In fact, many of the individuals I have worked with around the world have the motivation to change—they just are not sure where to begin which is where I come in!

I would like to invite you to be a part of The Growing Family Wealth Academy - Mentoring program where I share with you a step-by-step, actionable plan for success ( through video and Audio training) that can be achieved by creating a clearly defined vision and set of goals towards financial independence for your family —and investing the time in making them become your new reality.

I discovered these methods through my successful career in finance and accounting, where l worked in managing and growing investment portfolios. Working in this environment, l soon discovered an in-depth understanding of what it took to achieve true financial security. despite my own success, l felt deep down that everyone should be able to enjoy financial security  - that these "secrets" should be available to anyone with a deep desire for financial independence. I've therefore made it my mission to share the secrets of growing sustainable Family Wealth with everyone through this coaching programme 

There is no time like the present! If you are ready to build Sustainable Generational Wealth, achieve you vision, live your dreams, and to live your life to its fullest potential,  The Growing Family Wealth Academy - Mentoring  Program has everything you need to create the life you deserve.

If you are ready to get started down the new path of your life sign up for the The Growing Family Wealth Academy - Mentoring  Program  today!

With someone like me available on call, you can be less of a pioneer and more of an experienced traveler. Growing Family Wealth mentoring is a productive partnership which can help you to:

  • Set well defined and achievable Goals
  • Create multiple streams of Income
  • Focus on the priorities – Follow One Course Until Successful
  • Discuss your ideas and generate new ones
  • Improve problem solving and decision-making Balance your time better
  • Maintain your motivation and confidence
  • Create a balanced and fulfilling life
  • Plan for a prosperous retirement
  • Transfer wealth to the next generation
  • Leave a Legacy

When you order the the “Growing Family Wealth Academy -  Mentoring program“ You will get immediate access to

        10week  Internet Business Mastery Course 

Internet Business Mastery - Learn the Secrets of Successful Internet Marketers who are raking in thousands every month.  Personalized Coaching to help you Create and Grow Wealth using the power of the internet

 Contact Bibi Apampa  and let's start growing the successful entrepreneur in you enabling you to succeed, excel and prosper in every aspect of your life with multiple streams of income


Books  and Video Training / eCourses by Bibi Apampa 

 Building Virtual Wealth Package $33

Building Virtual Wealth 

Learn how to Create and Grow Virtual Wealth. The book BUILDING VIRTUAL Wealth - 7 Strategies to Sustainable Streams of $100 a day on the internet will show you step by step how to create multiple business’s online in different niches using different easy to implement strategies, It is all about working smart, Seizing Opportunities & Creating Wealth

The Internet is distributing Wealth Claim yours

The goal of this book is to show you step by step how to create multiple business’s online in different niches using different easy to implement strategies

Some of the strategies include Creating Virtual Wealth as a
1. Published Author – on Amazon kindle, Smash words, Create space, website 
2. Network Marketing - Building teams to leverage effort and maximize returns from team members 
3. Online coaching – Create Authority, Expert and Celebrity Status 
4. Niche Blogging – How to build money making blogs
5. The Internet Business Plan – showing you how to Sell your own products online 
6. eBay Power Seller – How to becoming a powerseller on ebay
7. Affiliate Marketing - Start businesses online selling other peoples product for a commission using 
o You tube Strategy 
o Parasite strategy
o Bum Article marketing strategy 
o Facebook strategy 
o Squeeze page strategy 
o Review sites 

It is all about working smart and correct positioning to be on the right side of opportunity at the right time. The virtual online world is not necessarily a better place to make money, it is different and in many ways a lot easier and less time consuming than making money in the real world.

With 12 easy to implement Strategies to Sustainable Streams of $100 a day on the internet you will be able to create virtual wealth towards the creation of a virtual estate that. All you need to do is to specialize in two or three of the strategies and implement it for the streams of income to flow.

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 Building Virtual Wealth Package $33


 Retire Rich Strategy book $5


Retire Rich Package $33

Book, Audio, Video Course 

Retire Rich Strategy  

Do you have a strategy to Retire Rich? Out of 100 people that start working at age 25, by age 65…

  1% are financially independent & wealthy

  4% have enough money to meet basic needs

  22% are still working (cannot afford to quit)

  45% depend on family for survival

 28% depend on state pensions, Social Security, friends or charity

Which Group would you fall into at age 65

¨     The 28%

¨     42%

¨     25%  or  the 4%

 or will you be in the 1%  that are Financially Independent

Compare your Retirement plan to the  Retire Rich Strategy

Retire Rich Strategy - How to plan towards being rich, healthy, young and wise in retirement

In our current economic climate, retirement can be seen like an intimidating prospect, but Bibi Apampa offers four proven plans that are guaranteed to ensure your retirement is both happy and financially secure.

The Personal Development Plan that will empower and build you with skills and mindset you need to manage your money. Your time and your relationships

The Wealth building Plan guaranteed to make you wealthy and financially independent in retirement

The Healthy and fit for Life plan proven to equip you with a sound mind in a sound body in old age

The Wisdom Plan that will give you peace of mind in your golden years and sustain you spiritually during your last years.

Whether you’re fast approaching retirement or looking at planning ahead these plans will make the process easy and pleasant for you, allowing you to enjoy a happy, prosperous retirement.

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 Retire Rich Strategy book $5


Retire Rich Package $33

Book, Audio, Video Course 

Live Your Dreams

Turn Your Vision To Reality 


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Discover How You Can Achieve Anything 

You Want In Your Life

  “The people that achieve things in life have a clear vision of what they want, a clear plan of how they are going to get there, and the ability to follow this through to completion.” 

About the Book

I am sure you have a big dream A Vision deep in your heart that you want to become Reality? 

              Are you ready to unleash the power within you to accomplish anything you want, even those things you have yet to imagine? Are you embarrassed to admit you are one of those people that fantasize daily about the good life? Someone that constantly dreams of making their wishes come true, but lacks the ability to set realistic, tangible and motivated goals that propel you to your ultimately destiny

Would you like to:

·        Turn your vision into reality?

·        Be more successful in life?

·        Live a tension-free life?

·        Have mastery over your own destiny and life?

Congratulations on taking the step to achieve it with this Vision To Reality workbook Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do

You can transform your life into a super achiever and achieve basically any dream, vision and goals you want in your life by following the instruction set out in this workbook.

It starts with having the vision in view, being motivated to setting the goal to achieve it knowing that goal setting is mandatory if you want to be successful in life.

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About the book - Using Social Media to grow your Business 

  Make Your Business The Next Best Thing By      Understanding Social Media Marketing

Did you ever consider the potential of social media as a marketing tool? Over a million users globally log on to Facebook every hour and the number is even larger for Twitter. Social media is quickly becoming the largest online medium for marketing products and services. It has a larger reach, is more interactive and is simple! Social media is the simplest way to optimize your global brand presence and increase the size of your business.

Learn to handle several social media accounts simultaneously and efficiently. 

Understand the current trends of social media marketing and how to incorporate them to suit your needs.

Learn how to track visitors and feedback to your accounts.

Find out the right way to advertise your products and deal with client feedback.

Create the perfect brand image and identity for your product and business.

Optimize your social media presence in a matter of weeks. 

Relax and watch your business become popular!

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